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First Hand Reports

     This forum gives you the opportunity help fellow bus owners by expressing your experiences, good and bad with companies you have done business with. We solicit your recommendations based on "First-Hand" experience. This page is here to benefit coach converters and owners; advertising cannot be bought.

Though it is always nice to receive positive reports, the purpose for First Hand Reports is to HELP others in their selection of products and services, good or bad. Your input WILL advise others and hopefully they will make the right decision for their hard earned dollars.

     No screening is done, all comments are presented good or bad. Contact the individual who submitted the post for more information. Coach Conversion Central is not responsible for the information presented.

For each individual report submitted, the business with receive a
thumbsup.gif (901 bytes) or thumbsdown.gif (902 bytes).

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You may want to print this page and keep it in your coach while traveling.

ABC Bus thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Ft. Worth, Texas
800 222-2877
Recommended by: James D. Jelley
James - "They have emergency service and will recommend other service agencies if they are too far away."
ALAMO AUTO AIR thumbsup.gif (901 bytes) thumbsup.gif (901 bytes) thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Houston, TX
Contact: Jay Aguilar

Recommended by: Sharon Foster
Sharon - "I wanted to comment on our experience while in Houston. The air went out on our bus and we found the address of ALAMO AUTO AIR, 8537 LONG POINT, 713-464-6663. Our compressor was gone and they had to rebuild our old compressor. We took our bus in on a Monday and Tuesday morning we were on our way. The manager Jay Aguilar was very professional and took the time to explain to us and show us what had to be done. I was amazed that Alamo had all of the parts needed to do our job properly. If you need any air conditioning work or compressor rebuilding, this is the place to go."

Another recommendation by: Sharon Foster
"They are an automotive air conditioning shop as well as electrical. Our alternator and starter was bad. They rebuilt the parts, so whole job was very reasonable price wise. They gave us a warranty and we were more than happy!. Look them up if you have any work to be done on your bus. Very professional."

Recommended by: Dawn Leuthner
"Best stop I ever made!! I was having an electrical problem with my vehicle, I had taken it to several shops with no results, I was getting very irritated, the dealership fixed it, as they said, after three weeks, it was back to same old thing. I finally took it to Alamo Auto Air on advice of a friend, low and behold, this shop did what no other shop could. THEY FIXED IT!! I certainly recommend Alamo Auto Air in Houston for all your auto repairs. Dawn Leuthner"

Allison Transmissions thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Industrial Automatic Transmissions
Dallas, TX
Gainesville, TX
Recommended by: James D. Jelley
James - "They have done reliable work at market prices."
B&R Bus Sales, Inc. thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Hy 277 about 40 miles SW of Abilene, TX
800 437-7833 or 915 743-6131
Contact: Lanny Bahlman and Garland Richards, owners
Recommended by: Bill Hedges
Bill - "Garland arranged for our MC5A radiators to be rebuilt in Abilene. Keith, an expert diesel mechanic, tuned up the DD and fixed several oil and water leaks. It was a pleasure to do business with them and the price was right. If they can’t fix yours, they can sell you a good one."
Beebe Batteries thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
200 West Highway 24
Independence, Mo.
816-254 2500
Contact: Brad Pettet

Recommended by: Donald L. Schwanke
Don - "Brad is a whiz at fixing alternators, starters, or battery problems, and he will make sure bus people are treated fairly. You probably will not beat his prices anywhere."
Coach Maintenance Co.thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
P.O. Box 335
Williams, CA 95987
Directly off the Husted Road Exit of Interstate 5, on the southern end of Williams, CA.
(530) 473-5544
Website: http://www.coachmaintenance.com
Email: info@coachmaintenance.com
Contact: Ted Campbell

Recommended by: John Lawson
"Ted has been working on buses for 40+ years and knows the GMC coach front to back and top to bottom. He has a large number of parts buses and is very reasonable on his rates. The only difficulty is getting ahold of him. He works 4pm to midnight Pacific time. I have found the best way is to email him."
Bibby Auto & Truck Repair thumbsdown.gif (902 bytes)
15694 Highway 11 N
Coaling, AL 35453
(205) 553-7181

Not Recommended by: Ben Harris
Ben - "Stay clear of Bibbys Truck Repair. They rebuilt the engine in our first bus. a 1970 MCI. We were in the area and noticed the engine running warm. Stopped to chaek and found the crankcase full of coolant. Very likely only a head gasket but Bibbys insisted the engine was blown, even though it would still run perfectly fine. After almost $10,000 in repair and 1700 miles later the engine blew. Seems Bibbys put the rings in upside down and used the wrong gasket material. Clark diesel in Henderson, KY repaired the engine and found the problems. Clark was honorable and very fair. Bibbys refused to honor their written warranty. This was in 2004"
Bill Shoop thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Coach Painting, Bodywork

717 667-2612
Contact: Bill or Tom

Recommended by: Robert Murphy
Robert - "Bill and his son Tom along with Dale Amspacker did paint job on my Prévost and did a very professional Job and the price was reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone on the East Coast that is looking for paint work."
Caylor Supply thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
4172 Rock Creek Road
PO Box 68
Rantoul,Kansas 66079
785 878-3405
Ask for Sam Caylor or Archie

Recommended by: John Vickers Email - mailto:jlv@lcc.net
John- "Scrapping MCI,s 7,8,9,s 96 and 102,s. Sam Caylor is a #1 person in my book does conversion work and mechanical repairs plus sells parts and every once in a while will sell a bus or two. If you need MCI parts call him. NO GMC or Eagle,Prevost parts on hand."
Choo Choo Express thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Chattanooga, TN
706 891-1242
Contact: Don Bowen, Owner

Recommended by: Steve Guinan   Jupiter, FL
Dean's Coach. Inc. thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
3819 Dove Creek Rd.
Durham, NC 27705
Phone 910-383-4780
Fax 910-382-3166
E-mail DeansCoach@aol.com
Contact: Gary Dean

Recommended by: Gene Lewis - mailto:glewis@dasia.net
"Gary Dean, and his staff, is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to buses. He has some 25+ years in this industry and has done it all including complete conversions. He is capable of handling any problem anyone has concerning a bus or conversion. I have found him to be an excellent source for parts, at a fair price, as well as a wealth of knowledge. He has been a great deal of help to me in the conversion of my 05 Eagle, and I recommend him to everyone."
Detroit Diesel thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Stewart and Stevenson
Dallas, TX

Recommended by: James D. Jelley
James - "They have done reliable work at market prices."
Diesel Radiator Co. thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
1985 Janice Ave
Melrose Park, IL 60160
Ask for Chuck Revard

Recommended by: John Vickers Email - mailto:jlv@lcc.net
John - "Chuck has replacement radiators for GMC,MCI, and other buses good folks to know when you need a radiator for those old buses that are running hot."
Evolution Custom Coach thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
13 Berwick St.
White Haven PA, 18661
570-443-5700, 1-866-332-5100

Recommended by: Karen Brogna - mailto:banshee_18301@yahoo.com
Karen - "I want to recommend this company. They did a great job on my 79 Prevost and my husband is very picky. They have always been professional with us. I would go back to them for any other repairs if needed. Thank you, Karen Brogna"

JB Dlco thumbsdown.gif (902 bytes) thumbsdown.gif (902 bytes)
24111 Groesbeck Hwy @ 9-1/2 Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48089-4720

Not Recommended by: Daniel J. Auxter (1979 MC9 Crusader II) - mailto:Dan.Auxter2@Honeywell.com
Daniel - "My ’79 MCI MC-9’s HT740 tranny dumped a couple gallons of tranny fluid on I-94 about 1.5 hours from home last week. I called all over the place looking for a shop that could handle both a coach bus and an Allison. These guys told me they could “definitely” take care of it. I paid $443 to get a tow to their shop. Two days later they call to tell me they can’t even get my bus on their lift! Their shop is NOT very big and their lift can only contact the axle. However, the axles on the MC-9 are too low to the ground. It cost me another $250 to get a tow to the right place (W.W. Williams in Dearborn, MI) and JB Dlco wouldn’t even split a single dime of the 2nd tow cost with me. The guy was a d-word. They are very small-time & old-school and I would never take any of my vehicles there. The customer is not #1 there at all!!"

Jefferson Truck-Trailer&Bus thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
1317 West Reno
Oklahoma City,Ok 73106
Ask For Jeff of Ed.

Recommended by: John Vickers Email - mailto:jlv@lcc.net
John- "GMC,LOTS OF Eagle parts and a lot of scrapped buses in his scrap yard.GMC,Eagles MCI and Prevost."
Jims Truck & Diesel Repair thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
334 SE Dupont Road
Tecumseh, Kansas

Contact: Jim Ramskill
Recommended by: Donald L. Schwanke
Don -  "Jim has been working on diesels since before your bus was built, he really knows how to fix them, and you can be assured of being treated fairly. Located just East of Topeka Kansas on US Highway 40."
John Condon Company thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
1138 Poplar Place S.
Seattle, WA 98144
206 860-8448

Recommended by: Dave Dierker
Dave - "Sent my 11 year-old tankless water heater for a rebuild. They did it fast, did it right, and at a very reasonable price."
Ken's Mobile Repair thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Springfield, MO
cell # 839-7415

Recommended by: Ray Powell - mailto:raysharon@escapees.com

"We had a mechanical problem in Springfield, MO. After several calls to diesel garages, we were referred to Ken's Mobile Repair. He did an excellent job. Highly Recommended!
Kirks Automotive thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
9330 Roselawn
Detroit,Mi 48204
Ask for Mike Martin ex 102

Recommended by: John Vickers Email - mailto:jlv@lcc.net
Starters, alternators, air compressors,sheppard steering boxes voltage regulators,Electrical components.
John- "Mike Martin has been there when I needed help good person to know and has a lot of good information plus parts that are high quality rebuilds or new."
Marie's Bus Lines thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
West Palm Beach, FL
Contact: Jimmy, Manager and Owner

Recommended by: Steve Guinan   Jupiter, FL
Muncie Reclamation and Supply - Bus Parts! thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
3720 South Madison Street
Muncie,Indiana 47302
800-428- 8610
Ask for Becky Mann in customer service.

Recommended by: John Vickers Email - mailto:jlv@lcc.net
John- "GMC,MCI,Eagle and Prevost and lots of other neat parts for buses."
PARHAM'S thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Stephenville, Texas
Contact: Jerry Parham
Phone: 254-965-7490

Recommended by: Vern mailto:dsamoran@our-town.com
"Recently had the air compressor go out on my 4106. The mechanic came out (6miles) to troubleshoot the problem. Eventually, he gave me shot of air and I went on in to the shop. Very professional work and most reasonable. Beats going into Fort Worth."
Prevost Car Inc. thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
6931 Business Park Blvd. N
Jacksonville,Fl 32256
1 800 874-7740
Contact: Cliff Vanburen or Cecil Rhodes

Recommended by: Robert Murphy
Robert - "This is a first rate Prevost service and sale facility... They took me in on Sat. which are not normal business hours worked for five hours to find the problem. They have parking spaces with hook ups dump station and gave me a key so I can go in after hours or whenever I am passing through. This was the best experience I have had when having a problem and would recommend them to anyone. They were the most professional and nicest group of people I have dealt with."
Ron,s Bus And Truck Repair thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Owner Ron Kruger
904 South Agnew
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Recommended by: John Vickers Email - mailto:jlv@lcc.net
John - "Ron does very good work installed the V730 in my 4905 and a lots of other mechanical items that he fixed while the bus was there. Also did the in frame overhaul on the 6/71 in the 4104 and never had a problem.>Ron will work on GMC,MCI,Eagle and Prevost coaches and motor homes."
Sischo Coach Repair thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
420 Sandhill Road
La Vergne, TN 37086-2425
(615) 793-6315
Contact: Tom Sischo

Recommended by:
Ben Harris

Ben - "We had rust on the framing around the bays on our Model 15 Eagle. Tom removed the siding around each set of wheels, and replaced all the original framing with new stock, re-aligning the body and presenting us with a coach as straight and true as the day it was new. He inspected all the framing, including the framing below the bays and replaced all the framing that had rust. Tom is by far the most knowledgeable man I have met when it comes to the body of an Eagle coach. Ours looks like brand new again."
Southern Oregon Diesel thumbsup.gif (901 bytes) thumbsup.gif (901 bytes) thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
7157 Hwy 99 North
Roseburg, OR 97470
800 755-7634
Contact: Dave Gregory

Recommended by: Dave Dierker
Dave - "Dave worked with me over the phone trying to help with a throttle problem. He even gave
me the numbers of some shops closer to home that might be able to help."

Recommended by: Henery Draper
Henry - "David was great. He talked me through my problem with my suspension and fixed it at a
reasonable price. It was worth my while to travel from Seattle to Roseburg and have the work done.
You'll be treated well and fairly. Check them out."

Recommended by:
James R Maxwell
James - "Highly recommend Southern Oregon Diesel and Transit Sales International. Searched over a dozen sources and two months for a good used differential carrier or a rebuilt unit to do a gear step-up in my bus. TSI (Also known as Complete Coach Works) had a huge inventory of good used and new parts for just about any transit bus and many intercity buses. Dave at SOD referred me to Doug Ferguson at TSI who came up w/ a good rebuilt unit in less than 24 hrs. at a very reasonable price. SOD re-checked the unit for clearances and torque and installed it and corrected a drive line problem that was unknown to me in a minimum of time and at about half the cost that I reasonably expected. Was well worth the 500 mi. round trip and they will be my 1st choice for any other major mechanical work."

T&H Bus Repairs thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
Located on Hy 45 in Ferris TX just South of Dallas (exit 264)
972 842-8901
Contact: Gerald Taylor and Mike Hipp

Recommended by: Don Walworth
Don - "Eagles are the specialty - but will work on any bus. They did exterior metal work and mech. repairs as well as a fine paint job for me. You might want to jot down the two partner's names and phone number.
The Eagles Net thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
1409 Lebanon Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37210

Recommended by:
Ben Harris
Ben - "They are by far the best service work we have ever had done. They are not the cheapest, but one thing you can count on, you never have to have the work re-done. Call and ask for Mark or Russ."
Transit Sales International thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
1863 Service
Riverside, CA 92507
909 684-9585

Doug Ferguson

Recommended by: James R Maxwell
Please see James comments under Southern Oregon Diesel
U.S. Coach and Equipment Sales, Inc. thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
127-Berlin-Cross Keys Rd.
Berlin, NJ 08009
856 767-3323
856 767-4848
856 768-7832 - Fax
Contact: Luke Bonagoura

Recommended by: Nick DeBenedetto,  Woodbridge, NJ
Nick -  "Luke has one of the largest collections of parts buses, mostly GMs, but he sells parts for, and repairs, all makes and model buses. Highway coaches and transits. Luke was the  longtime president of the Motor Bus Society, and he is dedicated to buses. He loves helping with older buses, since he has restored a few over the years, and is a great source for hard to find parts."
Willis Tire thumbsup.gif (901 bytes)
PO Box 18339
63rd and Blue Ridge Cutoff
Raytown, MO 64133
Contact: John Willis
816 358-4554

Recommended? by Dave Dierker
Dave - "I've bought two rounds of tires (total of 5) from John. He is honest, does what he says he will do, and price is right. No reason to go anywhere else for tires. He can get new, used and recaps."
Service? after the sale.
Dave - "I had two recaps blow within 500 miles of each other, each with less than 5000 miles on them. In order to make an adjustment, John requires both the casing and the thrown-off recap. Unless you want to devote bay space for this purpose, I recommend NOT using recaps."

Email thallusa1st@gmail.com to have your report posted.

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