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Arnie Smith
Different kinds of Studs.
Wheel studs, that is...

On World of Bus Nuts email group, there was a discussion on choosing the right air impact wrench to work with the large, heavy wheels on our coaches. Arnie submitted the information below to ensure everyone understands the types of wheels mounts used and the different configurations.

Arnie & Donna Smith own an MC5

Thank you Arnie

There are two types of wheel mounts.....a hub mounted wheel , and a stud mounted wheel.


     The stud mounted wheel uses a nut with a beveled edge on the rim side (about 45 degrees) on the front wheels, and it uses the long square head nut on the inside dual at the back. the outside duel is mounted over the long nut, and tightened up using a nut identical to the ones on the front. The studs are directional, that is, they are right and left threaded,.. the right being on one side of the bus and the left on the other side. It is for this reason that you turn the wrench in the proper direction..... Most older coaches have this configuration.


     The HUB piloted wheel (rim) uses the hub to keep its alignment. The weight of the coach is carried on the hub and the nut holds the rim to the hub. This is a different nut, and a different stud. The nut has a washer type of attachment that is part of the nut and and there are not right/left designations...all the nuts turn to the right to screw them on. On the rear the rims are placed on the hub and the nut hold both rims together on the hub. There is no second nut. You should not mix up a hub and stud piloted wheel on the same axle. The stud mounted wheel has a matching bevel that matches the nut. This is what is used to make sure the wheel is centered on the hub. The hub mounted wheel has a straight cut hole on the rim and cannot be used with a beveled nut. It requires the other style of nut (the washer type.)

I hope this may answer any questions that have arisen in some minds.

Arnie Smith